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25:23 Min. Humiliation with Spit, Licking Armpits & Sitting 35%, Trampling, Kicks & Slaps 35%, Sneaks 30%

Football World Cup in Russia. Master Jayden, Master Blue and Master Dan are watching the group match between England and Panama .Because it's so warm, they're stripped to the waist. The three Masterboys' slave is kneeling on the floor and serving as their footrest. When he owns up to being a Panama fan Jayden, Blue and Dan make fun of him and decide to take control. While the English team overwhelm Panama 6-1 Master Jayden, Master Blue and Master Dan don't hold back in tormenting and humiliating their slave They take it in turns to slap their slave so hard that the slaps ring out. Some hard trampling and brutal kicks also form part of the Master Trio's repertoire of torture.There's also no lack of nasty humiliations. The three lads love spitting on their victim's face and also right into his mouth. So nasty!. The slave also gets the dubious pleasure of sticking his nose right into his tormentors' armpits and breathing in the nasty stink. .Apart from that, the loser is used as a cushion to sit on. While the lads keep on gobbing on him, he gets their dirty sneakers forced into his face. –Fitting in with the football World Cup in Russia, BMB presents in this clip a very special match. In this clip Master Jayden, Master Blue and Master Dan overwhelm their victim as much as England overwhelm Panama.
master blue the only reason who made me come here plz more with him and plz legs will be great and I will keep buy for him
Hope we get a sequel with bare feet... I love it when they laugh. Would like to see more videos where the masters dont have to force the slave to go down. They just tell him quietly what they want him to do, and he shows that he is delighted to do it. Love to see the masters say even ask the slave to kiss their feet while they are standing up and facing him. The slave goes down slowly and grovels in front of the master, then showers their feet with kisses. The masters just laugh.
Die kindliche Schadenfreude von Master Blue lädt zum genießen ein. Meiner Meinung nach, sollte er mit den erfahrensten Mastern wie Aris, Moon und Romain knechten. Das würde ihn die gewisse Reife zu kommen lassen, ohne seinen hervorstechenden Charakter zu sehr zu beeinflussen. Der Clip geht in Ordnung, ist aber nichts besonderes.
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