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In Service Training Part 1


26:06 Min. Sneaks, Socks & Feet 35%, Humiliation & Spit 20%, Trampling, Kicks & Slaps 20%, Nipple Torture, Electro Torture & Lashes with the Riding Crop 15%, Breath Control 10%

' An expert's skills don't just drop from heaven' says a well known German proverb. Any lads who want to play their part as Masters for BMB first of all have to show what they're made of and to take in some training from an experienced Master. In this clip it's Master Leo who wants to embark on a career as a Master. His instructor is the experienced Master Pole. Pole shows the newcomer how to break a victim. He is allowed to try it out on slave Helmut. 'No mercy, the loser deserves all he gets' is Master Pole's opening gambit. What begins with a few slaps and some spitting takes no time to develop into a totally hard session which Helmut will long remember. Kicks, trampling, dicethrowing, licking feet and trainers, sniffing socks, and then some more slaps and spitting: young Master Leo is a quick learner and enthusiastically joins in tormenting and humiliating Helmut. Master Pole takes his responsibilities as trainer very seriously and passes on to Leo some advanced torture techniques: nipple electro-torture, some blows with a riding stock - this in service training session is really awesome. 2016 has hardzy begun and we've already seen the first BMB highlight of the year.

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