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In broad daylight


25:59 Min. Feet, Sneaks & Socks 50%, Humiliation with Spit, Sitting & Pony- and Doggyplay 50%

Dragon and Alexis decide to abduct a guy from their neighbourhood. They follow him on to his property.. The two Masterboys set to without any prior warning, . The loser has to cough up some cash. The guy refuses at first and so Dragon and Alexis give him a bit of encouragement in their own special way. The guy finds himself lying on the floor and Alexis sits on his face while Dragon works him over with his feet. The two sadistic lads want one thing above all - to humiliate their victim. "You deserve to be spat on and abused" says Dragon while his slave is still lying on the floor. The loser is made to lick his two tormentors' trainers clean and to take a good sniff of their dirty, sweaty feet. The slave's tongue has to get used to the two Masterboys' feet and to suck their toes. . He has to bark like a dog, he has to fetch socks and he has to put up with being ridden like a pony. The abuse and the humiliations get fiercer and fiercer. On the one hand the Masterboys spit on the soles of their shoes and get the slime to run into their victim's mouth. On the other hand they gob straight into his mouth. . Master Alexis comes up with snot which is especially prolific and especially thick. All you hear as the slave lies with his back to the floor is 'Open up' , followed seconds later by a thick helping of snot landing in the victim's mouth. "Bull's eye" commentates Master Dragon with a grin on his face.. – Totally hot outdoor humiliation with Master Dragon and new Master Alexis. A tip top mixture of action involving feet, trainers and socks. and really nasty humiliation.
Master blonde is very handsome and cute. Definitely top three!!!
I would like to see more spit action. and something like spittoon while they mind their own businesses.
The blond Master isn't handsome :-(
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