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25:01 Min. Kicks, Slaps & Trampling 30%, Socks 25%, Feet 25%, Humiliation & Spit 15%, Sneaks 5%

Master Moon and Master Stone are getting stress from their neighbour. He's clogging up the narrow parking space in front of their house all the time with his motor bike . The two lads have a word with their neighbour about it. But the guy gets worked up and shows no sign of being ready to park more carefully. Moon und Stone have had enough.. They decide to teach their defiant neighbour a lesson and to subjugate him. They give him a good kicking, hit him and make him lick the dirt from their sneaks. 'Please stop' begs the neighbour. But the two lads have only just got going. They torment the guy with a spot of trampling. -Then they put on their boxing gloves so that they can let loose on their victim. Later on the lads make themselves comfortable on the sofa. Their slave gets their smelly stockinged feet and later their . bare feet in his face. 'Take a good whiff of that, pal'. Their neighbour has to sniff and lick. while agan and again he's hit and spat on. . – Well it's best not to mess with Master Moon and Master Stone . In this clip there's no holding back. The loser gets some extreme suffering dished out to him. . . The two sporty Masterboys – with their cool sports kit - give it their all!!!
where are Sixpack videos?????
English subtitles would also be helpful, I watch these not knowing what’s being said and that sometimes can be really frustrating especially when there is a 5 minute talk between the master and slave. You do however have English speaking masters. Maybe you can also do more videos with them?
Completely agree with the previous comment about having new and younger slaves, it's a bit tiring and kind of a turn off to see the same slaves again who are well over 30. I'm a 20-year-old guy, and I can't possibly imagine myself in that scenario (which I think is the main point of being turned on?) It would be nice to have younger slaves for it to feel more relatable and current. Where is the equally cute slave with a good sense of fashion to be dominated by these cute masters with good style?
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