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Autumn Kerfuffle


26:29 Min. Feet 35%, Humiliation & Spit 35%, Socks & Sneaks 15%, Kicks & Slaps 15%

Master Black Nike and Master Jeremy have told the slave that he has to tidy up the garden. Autumn has arrived and there are leaves everywhere. More than enough work to be getting on with. But the slave is just lazing around and making the most of the autumn sunshine. When Master Black Nike and Master Jeremy come into the garden and discover that their undering has achieved precisely zilch they are really pissed off. The lazy so and so has laid himself open to some serious punishment. Before you know it, the slave is lying in the dirt and getting a kicking. And lying on the ground means that he is well placed to take care of the dirty Nike Airs that each of his tormentors has on his feet. The two guys take sadistic delight in tormenting and degrading the slave. They fill their victim to overflowing with huge quantities of spit. Master Jeremy's snot is especially thick. 'Get that down you, you arsehole'orders Master Black Nike as he despatches another helping of snot. The slave has to breathe in his fair share of socksweat as well as taking good care of his two tormentors' bare feet. The two Masters show no mercy as they ram their feet into his mouth. Even worse: the slave has to spend minute after minute giving Master Jeremy's socks a good chewing as he undergoes a stream of slaps to the face. The two Masterboys round things off by enjoying swamping their victim's face with their spit
what the hell
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