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Let`s see the cash


29:08 Min. Sneaks & Socks 40%, Trampling & Slaps 35%, Humiliation with Spit & Ponyplay 20%, Facesitting 5%

Master Pat is really pissed off. Not long ago, he lent a guy some money. Now he wants his dough back . But the stupid loser is stony broke and wants to put Master Pat off until next week. The young Master makes up his mind to punish the loser. He gobs in his face and hands out some slaps which make his head ring. The slave has to lick the dirt off Pat's dirty trainers and suck in the stink from his socks. 'Deep breaths' demands the young sadist. The victim lies flat out with his back to the floor like a defenceless beetle and is brutally trampled. Master Pat knows no mercy. Again and again he gobs the guy direct in the face. The young Master loves humiliating the loser, whether it's using the slave's face as a cushion to sit on, whether it's using the stupid loser as a pony to ride on. A solo clip with Master Pat that's totally hot ! You can see - and hear the dominance of this cool young Master from beginning to end!

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