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He should have known


27:01 Min. Humiliation with Spit, Piss, Ponyplay & Sitting 35%, Trampling, Slaps, Kicks & Beatings with the Belt 35%, Sneaks, Socks & Feet 30%

Summer in the city. Romain and Blue are out on their bikes.. Meanwhile, Back at Romain's place, slave Stephan is busy cleaning his Master's shoes. But he's not taking too much trouble over it. While Stephan is slurping down sekt rather than putting his back into looking after his Master's sneakers, Romain and Blue are almost back home on their bikes. As they turn into the street where they live, Romain surprises Blue with the revelation that a slave is waiting for them at home - a loser that they can make to do absolutely anything. Blue is enthusiastic about this. He's really up for joining in with Romain in tormenting and humiliating the guy . When Romain comes in the flat, Stephan has a bad conscience abut the fact that he hasn't cleaned the shoes properly. But who's the good looking young guy who follows in Romain's wake? Stephan soon realises that his Master has called in back up for his planned punishment of his slave. This time, the punishment is particularly severe. Without warning, Romain and Blue set to whipping the loser with their belt. Then there's trampling and high quality kicking. The lads join in climbing on to Stephan and even his face isn't safe from them.They sit down on him, slap him and spit on him. And then things turn really nasty. The lads put two empty sekt glasses into the bath and fill them with piss right up to the brim. . Stephan is made to drink the glasses down till they're empty. The lads are amused to watch Stephan drink the Mastersekt which he so obviously finds disgusting. The camera lingers on the nasty grins on their faces, their sweaty socks and their bare feet. So tasty! To round things off, the lads get their totally dirty sneakers licked clean. – What a magnificent clip, with two really hot Masterboys and a slave who's spared nothing, Loads of praise is due too to the cameraman for his neat shots from the slave's perspective.
Einfach nur hammer geil! Hübsche boys, geile sneaks, schöne Füße und als besonderes Extra "lecker Natur Sekt" von so geilen Master. Ein muss für jeden Fan / Slave. Da will man selber Opfer sein und so göttlichen boys dienen.
This is amazing! These two masters are great!!! I like their kicks giving bare feet to the slave. :D I hope Romain and Blue will do more videos together and that the slave will lick their bare feet! Please! ;D 4 stars for now...
1a Aufnahmen und Durchführung. Der neue Master Blue hat die Facette des "Mamas kleiner Liebling" und man sieht ihm seinen Sadismus wirklich nicht an, wirkt so unscheinbar und etwas scheu, doch er belehrt uns eines anderen. Echt geil so! Mit ein wenig mehr Erfahrung, sprich Selbstsicherheit, hat er großes Potential die minderwertigen Slaves authentisch und unterhaltsam zu knechten. Master Romain wird ihm den Rechten weg zeigen, da bin ich gewiss. Der Master Sekt bekommt Stefan anscheinend nicht sonderlich, es sollte aber eine Ehre für ihn sein(: In letzter Zeit fahrt ihr echt die geilsten Master auf, nur ein junger halbwegs gut aussehender Slave ist offenbar sehr schwer zu finden.
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