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He is down


25:26 Min. Trampling, Kicks & Crushing 40%, Humiliation & Spit 30%, Sneaks 25%, Feet 5%

Stephan has made a mistake which is going to come back and bite him in the legs. He's got on the wrong side of Master Babyface and Master Haze The two lads had told him to restore inleather the glove compartment and the central console of their car . But Stephan hasn't done it in time. Now his punishment is due. Punishment? That's too tame an expression for what he has to go through . Master Babyface and Master Haze set up a proper torture session in their victim's flat. They want to torment and degrade Stephan -and they do just that, showing no mercy. They drink beer, belch , don't hold back on their verbal abuse and take sadistic delight in torturing Stephan with kicks and trampling. Head, arms, hands, stomach, back, legs - no part of the body is left out. 'I think for starters I'll break your fingers' threatens Master Haze with a grin in his face as he starts a cruel session of hand crushing . As the victim lies on his back gasping for air, Master Babyface hawks up some thick snot and fills him up with it. Later on the lads let their snot flow down the soles of their shoes before it lands in their slave's wide open mouth. To round things off, the two Masterboys hit on a particularly nasty humiliation. They know how fond Stephan is of the Christmas decorations that they come across in his flat. They know that they have a particuar value for Stephan because they were a present from his daughter. Now Stephan has to lie on the floor and watch on in horror as Master Haye takes delight in trampling them. You don't get nastier than that. - Awesomely hard trampling and kicks, gallons of Master snot and extreme degradation. – in this clip Babyface und Haze show once more that they are high up in the BMB Pantheon
why don't they wear socks?
The trampling under two young masters is very hot ! Please add some facesitting humiliation : let the slave sit on the grand and put his head on the sofa, then the master can sit on his face and use his face as a cushion !
Liegt bestimmt schon einige Zeit zurück, aber BadMasterBoss Babyface & BadMasterBoss Haze geben ein verdammt geiles MasterBoss-Duo ab !!!!! Ich vergöttere ihre Füße, denn ihre Gold/gelben Fußsohlen, ihre Zehe und Zehenzwischenräume sind ein derartiger GENUSS >>DELIKATESSE<< , dass man sich ihrem einzigartigen Aroma einfach nicht entziehen kann. Ich wünschte, ich dürfte ihnen jetzt auch mit der Zunge das GOLD von ihren göttlichen Füßen massieren und Sie verwöhnen ohne Ende............
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