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He did try


24:06 Min. Feet & Socks 35%, Humiliation & Spit 25%, Sneaks 20%, Kicks & Slaps 20%

Shadow has been having a few problems with the police. Not long ago, he even had to spend a couple of weeks locked up. That doesn't seem to have made any difference. The police are on the look out for him because he's done some more shit. Helmut is Shadow's Probation Officer and he finds out about this. Helmut wants to have a word with his client and so he pops round to his house. But Shadow has no interest in having a conversation. What he can't stop himself from wanting to do is to break Helmut down and to cause him pain . And so in no time at all Helmut gets given a couple of hefty slaps to the face. But that's just the beginning. . "Kiss my Shoes!" demands the young Master and enjoys looking on as the Probation Officer licks the dirt from his trainers. The loser gets hit again and again. The young Master gobs into his face and into his mouth. Sometimes he spits onto the floor or into the palms of his hands. Helmut has to lick it up. Later on the Master takes his T Shirt off. Stripped to the waist he towers over his victim and , with a grin on his face, says ' Now things really start to kick off!' Between being hit and being kicked, the Probation Officer hast to suck the nasty stench from his young Master's stinky socks. Shadow also takes delight in having his feet licked clean. He shoves his toes deep into his victim's mouth. What's especially hot about this clip are the shots taken from the slave's perspective. Pure enjoyment!
Big Boss Master Shadow ist so ein cooler, abgebrühter Masterboss.., dass man gar nicht anders kann, als sich IHM sprachlos und ohne jegliche Gegenwehr unterzuordnen !!!!!!!! Seine Fußsohlen sind aus purem GOLD ..und das was sich zwischen seinen Zehen und unter seinen Fußnägeln befindet ist ein einzigartiges E-R-L-E-B-N-I-S !!!!! Er geht nicht auf Füßen.., sondern auf D-E-L-I-K-A-T-E-S-S-E-N !!!!!!!!! Das verlangt nach einer Fortsetzung ..aber wo der Big Boss sich freier entfalten kann, ohne den Kameramann im "Nacken" zu haben... Besten DANK auch an Slave Helmut
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