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Happy Valentine`s Day


24:46 Min. Feet 25%, Kicks & Slaps 25%, Humiliation & Spit 25%, Sneaks & Socks 15%, Facesitting 10%

Master Aris got a new neighbour the other day.The guy's name is Harry. Aris really quite likes him .But that ends at a stroke on 14. February, Valentine's day. He turns up at Aris' door with a bunch of flowers in his hand. To start off with, he doesn't say anything.. But then Aris twigs that his young good-looking neighbour is in love with him. Master Aris is not amused. Whoever knows him knows well that he doesn't think very highly of gays.. He tells Harry to get lost, But the guy doesn't want to go. That really gets Aris going. . He starts to slap the loser around and forces his sneaks into his face. 'Lick!' Harry seems to be enjoying the mistreatment and humiliation. Like as if he was already addicted to them, he breathes in the nasty stench from his young Master's socks.. And then the bare feet come into play. There's some lint from the socks stuck to the feet. Delicious!!. All the while, the loser is again and again gobbed on, kicked and hit. More than once, Master Aris sits on his victim's face. . Facesitting at its best!!! – You're keen on the aroma of Master socks and Master feet? You dream of nasty treatment from a young, arrogant Masterboy – with kicks,, slaps, thick snot and facesitting? Then you'll love this clip. As if from the slave's perspective, you'll see what it's like to have Master 'Aris towering over you and looking down on you arrogantly! Tormenting you and humiliating you just as it should be done
Aris is such a handsome and convincing master! And the best part is this: Finally a BMB clip where the young master torments a gay guy and says aloud why he does it: because he hates fags! That´s what it is all about in my opinion. Those young straight guys are superior men to the fags who lick their feet and swallow their snot. Great work! English subtitles would be a great addition to non-German-speakers in this clip.
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