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Guess what Part 1


24:15 Min. Sneaks 25%, Socks 25%, Feet 20%, Humiliation & Spit 20%, Slaps 10%

A new slave has taken up service in the Masters' flatshare. Right from day one the lads want to see what he's made of. They all agree : a good slave has to be able to to recognise each Master's shoes, socks, feet and spit by their smell or by their taste. Master Arlo, Master Jayden, Master Big B and one of their mates are keen to see how quckly the slave will learn. Things kick off with some sock sniffing. Some of the lads have been wearing their stinky socks for days. Next up is the spit tasting. Open your mouth and in with the snot. The next tests are all about recognising sneakers and bare feet by their taste. Then things get serious. The Masterlads tear the slave's shirt off. They use the shredded remains to make a blindfold. Now the slave has to go blind in recognising whose shoe soles and whose feet he's licking, whose socks he's sniffing, and whose snot has just been spat into his mouth. The loser gets a slap whenever he gets it wrong. And we can already tell you this much. It only takes a few minutes for the slave's cheeks to be glowing. - In this two-parter, Master Arlo and Master Jayden as well as a mate they've brought along to the filming mke their BMB debüt. Master Big B is also around. It's great how they join in with each other in degrading their victim and giving him some hard slaps. in the second part, the lads go up a gear. . Download it or stream it – and enjoy!!!

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