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Game Fever


24:42 Min. Feet 25%, Sitting & Facesitting 25%, Humiliation with Spit & Licking Armpits 20%, Socks 20%, Trampling & Slaps 10%

Master Big B is bashing away at his game console. Today, he's got a very unusual piece of furniture to sit on - his slave. The guy is just the man for the job. He's well upholstered and can adjust to any number of individual positions. Master Big B knows how to make the best of what is on offer . He's made himself comfortable on his victim. He's planted his feet, with their dirty steaming socks, onto the slave's face. 'I told you already, stop wriggling', he growls to the slave when he dares to move. And with no further delay he gets a couple of slaps to the face. Later on. he's allowed to remove the socks from his Master's feet. What an honour, to be allowed to lick these godly young Master's feet. Big B shoves them deep into the victim's mouth. The Master keeps on sitting down on the slave's face. He can't stop laughing as his victim struggles for breath under his arse. The Master takes enjoyment in forcing the slave's mouth open so that he can gob into it. The loser is also subjected to two or three rounds of trampling. Once the young Master's feet have finally been licked clean, the slave is allowed to take care of his armpits. 'Go on, lick the sweat up, you loser'! – The way that Master Big B uses his slave to sit on and even to lie on, to gob on and to slap and to get the sweat licked from his feet and his armpits is so hot. The camera is always close in on the action and of course there's some scenes taken from the slave's perspective.

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