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Finale Stinky


24:46 Min. Feet 45%, Humiliation with Spit & Sniffing Armpits 30%, Socks 20%, Sneaks 5%

In the house that the Masters share together, the last part of the competition 'Who has the stinkiest feet?' is under way. "This is going to be really hard for you" says Master Chief and looks down at slave Rocky as he cowers on the floor almost as if he was sympathising with him. After some intensive sock sniffing and once the stink has been well and truly sniffed away from the sneakers, things really get down to business. Six sweaty Master feet are waiting for the slave's nose and tongue to get really, really close. "I want you to show some more commitment" demands Master Mick, when Rocky is taking too long. By now, the slave is lying with his back to the floor. On his face is a beauty mask made out of really dirty socks. He can't miss the smell because the lads use their feet to force the socks into his face. More action. "How many Master feet can we get into a slave's mouth?" . The lads are getting too hot and so they take their shirts off. . Master Reno rubs his shirt across his sweaty armpits and then forces it into the slave's face. Now more and more the loser has to deal with the bitter smell coming out of the Master lads' armpits. Chief, Mick and Reno are really enjoying this nasty humiliation of their slave. For long minutes, the loser gets spat on again and again . The lads don't even stop when Rocky's face is already covered in their spit. – You want loads of feet-action? You want stinky socks? You want to see some hot spitting ? In this clip you get the full monty – presented by three really hard Master lads and captured by a camera which is right up with the action.
THANK YOU! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MORE feet forced SMELLING videos just like this. I personally hate licking and spiting and its AWESOME to FINALLY see a video dedicated to pure FEET SMELLING. All three guys were got. PLEASE MAKE MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS.
really liked these 3! they seem to have fun, great smiles and laughs and some fantastic throat clearing spits!
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