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Fiffi here !


24:19 Min. Feet, Sneaks & Socks 45%, Humiliation with Doggyplay & Spit 45%, Slaps 10%

The new BMB-Master Alexis has a pet dog. We're talking here of a dog with two legs, but Alexis calls him 'Fiffi' and treats him just like a dog. For the slave – sorry: for the doggy - that's really humiliating. "Here Fiifi!“, calls the Master and it's game on for the nasty little games that are be played out in Alexis' garden. 'Fiffi's' main task is to clean his Master's trainers and socks, which are covered in dirt and grass. . 'Fiffi' is allowed to sniff his Master's deeply smelly socks and later his Master stuffs the socks into his mouth. It's not easy to fetch trainers when you've got socks in your mouth. The only thing the mooch gets to eat is what is sticking to his Master's trainers and to his feet. And of course his Master's snot is also on the menu. Sometimes huge quantities are spat into Fiffi's mouth , sometimes he has to lick it from his Master's trainers. Unfortunately, the mooch messes up from time to time and then - slap! - top quality slaps to the face. – In his first solo clip, Master Alexis delivers some really impressive outdoor doggy play Mega action and really nasty humiliation - this young Master is cooking on gas!!!

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