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Feet and Fun


25:44 Min. Feet 45%, Humiliation with Spit & Human Ashtray 25%, Socks 20%, Slaps 10%

Master Chief sits on the balcony and smokes. His slave is lying on the floor and acting as a footrest. He isn't allowed to remove the dirty socks which the Master has stuffed into his mouth,, except when the Master needs to get rid of spit or ash. Without any second thought he stubs his glowing cigarette out on his victim. The loser makes a brave attempt at putting up with the pain. Then it's off into the living room. The Master sits down on the sofa while the slave has to lie on the floor and inhale the smell from his socks -and that means breathing in deep. Master Chief grins like a devil. You can see how hot he finds it when he humiliates his victim. Again and again, he gobs in his face. There's also no shortage of slaps. . 'Now there's ten coming your way' announces Master Chief . The slave has to count each slap with him. In the end, there's a lot more than ten. With his cheeks glowing, the loser now has to deal with his Master's bare feet. He licks away like a man possessed, not forgetting the spaces between the toes. Chief has a nasty grin on his face and shoves his feet deep into his victim's mouth. – 'Feet and Fun' – an absolute must for every feet and socks fan. But there's also no lack of action. You really have to see how the slave is used as an ashtray on the balcony and how Master Chief savours giving his slave a series of slaps.
Master chief is definitely the hottest master of the year.I hope there would be more videos of him in the future!!!
Master chief is literally the hottest master of this year so far. Please have more videos of him!!
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