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Family Honor part 2


26:44 Min. Trampling, Kicks, Slaps, Crushing & Beatings with the Riding Crop 30%, Boots 30%, Humiliation with Spit, Ponyplay & Human Ashtray 25%, Sitting & Facesitting 15%

Now that Stephan has had a good going over from Master Chief, it's the turn of his younger brother, M.A., to pay the loser some attention, . The young Master wears a pair of black Aidias bottoms, dark boots and a white T-shirt, which he takes off as soon as he sets foot in Stephan's flat. . Master really up for getting Stephan under his control. To start off with he makes sure his boots get a good licking, especially the soles,, where a lot of dirt has gathered. Master Chief watches on, enjoying seeing how his bro is humiliating Stephan "Go on, really give him a going over, he needs what for" says Chef to egg his bro on. He doesn't need to be asked twice. The loser is slapped so hard around the face that the blows ring out . . But that's just for starters. While Stephan lies on the floor, Master M:A torments him with some really hard kicking and trampling: He jumps up and down on Stephan, as if he was a trampoline. What turns out to be especially painful is the crushing torture which the young Master dishes out, especially given that he is still wearing his heavy boots. They turn the finger crushing into really nasty torture. Master M.A also knows just how to use the riding crop. In the middle of all of this the loser is spat on again and again. . Later on, the young Master uses the slave as a pony. to ride on. Then he sits on Stephan's belly, lights up a cigarette, forces the soles of his boots into his face and uses his victim as an ashtray and as a spitoon. There's also no lack of facesitting. "Go on, smell my arsehole". „ says M.A.with a nasty grin on his face, as he degrades his victim by using his head as a cushiion to sit on – Just looking at Master enough to turn every slave weak. This young Master is awesome .. The dominance and arrogance with which he takes charge of slave Stephan in this clip makes great cinema !!!
Always strong slaps from this Master. Great!!
Von diesem Master würde ich mich auch gerne knechten lassen. Er ist wunderbar dominant, teilt geil aus und es scheint ihm dabei wirklich Spass zu machen. Super!
wer möchte da nicht mal Slave sein!
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