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Family Honor


24:49 Min. Slaps, Kicks, Trampling, Crushing & Beatings with the Riding Crop 40%, Sneaks 35%, Humiliation with Spit, Ponyplay & Human Ashtray 25%

Every now and again, Stephan has dabbled in some dodgy business deals with a young guy. His elder brother, Master Chief, is not at all pleased about this. He decides to visit Stephan at home and to put down a few markers. Little suspecting that something nasty is on the way, Stephan opens the door.Master Chief doesn't waste any time in getting down to business. He wants to punish Stephan for taking advantage of his little brother in some pretty murky business. . Stephan has to lick and kiss his tormentor's dirty shoes. While this is going on, Master Chief beats his victim with a riding crop. And he doesn't hold back on dishng out slaps to the face and kicks. Stephan begs his visitor to back off. 'I don't want any stress with you. I promise never again to do business with your brother' says Stephan with a tremble in his voice. But that just spurs on Master Chief to more. 'Shut your mouth' , he barks to Stephan. Trampling, crushing, ponyplay – the Master really leaves no stone unturned. Again and again he spits at his victim and as Stephan lies on the floor like a helpless worm he uses his foot to press the air out of him. Then he gets on Stephan with his full weight and lights a cigarette. With a nasty grin on his face, he looks at his victim and says 'I'm going to call my brother now. Just you wait and see mate you're for it now. “ – Top stuff the way new Master Chief goes about dealing with slave Stephan. Manly, forceful, without mercy, and with a licence to enslave – Master Chief is a real find. Who can the little brother of this mag Dominator be? All is reveaed in Part 2.
He is so hot and brutal. Hope he will take off his shoes next time.
great video, hope to see more of master chief!!!
Hope little brother (who will come in part 2) is the young and cute blond we saw in Graduate part 1 & 2. I really like him. Hope we'll see him again soon.
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