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Extreme Workout


12:40 Min. Sneaks 25%, Socks 25%, Trampling & Slaps 20%, Humiliation & Spit 20%, Sitting 10%

Every slave would like to have a personal trainer like this. Master Dragon knows just how to put a loser through his paces. While the slave is made to do press ups, Dragon sits himself down on him, with all his weight bearing down. As things move on, the loser has to kiss his tormentor's feet each time he goes down from a press up. In this workout, sit ups too have their own special dimension. Every time that the slave bends up, he gets slapped powerfully in the face. When it comes to 'tongue training', licking the Master's sneaks clean, that seems to come as a blessed relief. But then there's another surprise in store for the loser. Master Red puts in an appearance. Now the slave is at the mercy of two sadistic Masterboys as the crazy workout proceeds. Just to give an example. The slave has to lie on the ground with his back to the floor and move each of his legs alternately up and down. As soon as his legs touch the floor, a thick helping of snot heads for his mouth. – Master Dragon and Master Red as fitness trainers: for the slave that turns out to be damn painful and degrading, For us watching on, it's really hot stuff!
Cooles Workout !!!
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