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Enough for the mangy mutt


24:53 Min. Feet 30%, Kicks, Slaps, Trampling & Beatings with the Riding Crop 25%, Humiliation with Spit, Facesitting & Pinning 25%, Sneaks, Chucks & Socks 20%

Master M.A and Master Jake (new to BMB) want to spend the evening at a party. That means one thing for their slave. He has to get his tongue out and lick their shoes really clean. 'The dirt on my soles is all you're going to get to eat today' says Master M.A with a grin on his face. Master Jake's pair of chucks also need a good clean. The two Masterboys are agreed on one thing. It would be good if the loser took a bit more trouble. As punishment he has earned some juicy slaps to the face. Just as the slave moves on from the steamy socks to his Masters' bare feet, Master Chio joins in. Now things turn really unpleasant for the loser. The Master Trio is really up for dishing out some nasty torment and humiliation for their victim. Because it's getting warm they take off their jackets The slave himself gets really hot looking at their bare torsos. But he doesn't have much time to savour the view because Master M.A brings a riding whip into play and puts it to vigorous use. Apart from that, there's lots of hefty slaps to the face, including slaps with the feet, kicks and trampling. The slave lies on his back on the floor like a helpless worm and has to take all the abuse and humiliation that comes his way. Using him as a spit target, facesitting and pinning - the lads leave no stone unturned. What a hot clip with three highly motivated and good looking Masterboys!!!! Chucks, trainers, feet, facesitting and huge quantities of spit. Something for everyone!
MA is one hot mother fucker. I want a foot worship video please
A real pleasure to see masters Jake and Chio join in! The angelic-looking Jake is a bit shy at the start, just slapping the fag´s face a little. But he learns the ropes quickly, and soon the fag receives plenty of his spit and stinging slaps in his face. The other new guy Chio seems to enjoy his power over the homo right from the beginning, and the loser really suffers at the mercy of these young bullies.
Master chio is so hot! His sneakers are the hottest. Please give us more videos of him.
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