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There could be a place for you Part 1


26:18 Min. Sneaks 35%, Trampling, Kicks & Slaps 35%, Humiliation with Spit & Living Ashtray 30%

Eric, a young, good looking Master, is looking for a small apartment in Munich. But he can't find anything that suits him. Everything is much too expensive. But finally a solution pops up. Eric is offered just the sort of room he is looking for - in a hostel. Of course his landlord wants to know how he earns his way and how he's going to pay the rent. But Eric has picked up that the landlord gets off on being worked over by cool young lads and so he plays with him. Perhaps the landlord would be interested in the rent being paid in kind, through particular 'acts of service' The Master falls for the the young househunter's charm and masterly qualities. Eric presses all the right buttons. He torments his victim with kicks, trampling and slaps and makes out of his landlord, once so proud, a whimpering slave who almost begs to be allowed to lick the dirt from Eric's shabby pair of trainers. 'Pray to the shoe'. 'Look, there's still some dirt on the sole' The young Master loves degrading his victim. He lights a cigarette and flicks the ash into the landlord's s wide open mouth. It's no time at all before the loser receives Eric's thick snot into his mouth. It tastes of tobacco. The Master also has to lick up his Master's snot from the floor. At long last a new, stylish Master stands before the BMB camera. Get your tastebuds going for the second part.
Great clip with lots of shoe action. I love seeing this master's huge feet in Nike Roshe which is one of my favorite shoe models ever! Thank you!
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