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You've been messing about again


29:48 Min. Humiliation with Spit, Sitting/Facesitting & Ponyplay 45%, Feet, Socks & Sneaks 35%, Slaps & Blows with the Riding Crop 20%

Slave Helmut tends to act stupid sometimes. It goes without saying that Master Pat can't let him get away with that. The young sadist decides to teach the idiot slave a lesson. The loser is slapped so hard that the sound rings round the room. A riding crop comes into play as well. The young Master spends almost all of the clip sitting on the wayward slave. Brutally, he forces his mouth open and gobs into his mouth. He enjoys having the stink sucked out of his dirty socks and having his feet licked clean. There's a whole lot of cheese between his toes. Enjoy! Master Pat sits down on his victim again. He only stands up when he wants to beat Helmut with the riding crop. To end with, Pat sits on the slave's face. Helmut is being used as a cushion to sit on and can hardly breathe . Pat couldn't care less. He enjoys seeing his victim suffer. Master Pat in his first solo clip. You'll really enjoy seeing him torment and humiliate his victim. Really hot sitting and facesitting scenes

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