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The Big Fat Sausage


24:17 Min. Socks & Feet 50%, Humiliation with Spit & Ponyplay 20%, Trampling 20%, Slaps 10%

Master Youngster’s new slave is fairly overweight. That means that the young Master has some names for the loser - Fatty’ and ‘Big Fat Sausage` Today he gets what he begs and begs for, spending time at this godly Master’s feet. The fat loser is like in a trance as he sucks in the stench from Master Youngster’s feet. While he does that the loser keeps on being abused, ,spat on and slapped. When Master Youngster lands a blow it’ s hard, damn hard. Now finally we’ e down to the bare feet The slave is allowed to worship them, kiss, smell and lick them. . For the big fat sausage it’s like a dream come true. OF course there’s no denying that the way the slave keeps on being spat on and battered is very unpleasant for him. But he takes it on the chin. Suddenly there’s a command. ‘’Lie down on your back, slave’ No question about it, the comfortable part of proceedings is at an end. Master Youngster torments his new slave with some really hard trampling and with pony play. There’s also no lack of slaps to the face with the feet. A really hot clip, with a young, merciless master who is a top looker. You don’t often see such hard slaps with hands and feet The slaps with hands and feet are so hard . Lots of hot feet and socks scenes. Order and enjoy!

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