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Don`t Rebel !


24:35 Min. Socks 25%, Feet 25%, Trampling, Kicks & Slaps 25%, Humiliation & Spit 20%, Sneaks 5%

Master Big B and Master Stompy are chilling in their neighbour's apartment . The guy has no idea . . Big B has recently got hold of his key without him twigging. Now the two Masterboys are sitting comfortably on this sofa they don't own and watching TV . Their neighbour can barely believe his eyes when he gets home and comes across the two lads in his apartment. When the guy starts talking crap, Master Stompy looks at his bro and says 'Are you thinking what I'm thinking?' Bull's eye!. The two lads are of one mind that their neighbour needs to be taken down a peg or two. They waste no time in getting down to business. Their neighbour is left lying like a helpless worm on the floor and is tormented with trampling and kicks. Without giving it a second thought, the lads force their stockinged feet into his face. The socks are well past their sell by date. They stink horribly and are totally dirty. The slave serves as pre-wash. He has to deal with the surface dirt and suck the nasty smell from the socks All the while, the lads climb onto their victim -. doing it together. They love humiliating and tormenting their stupid neighbour. They hawk up some not and spit it into the .guy's mouth and face. Then it's back to the sofa. The lads tell their neighbour that he has to use his slave tongue to good effect on their bare feet. All the while he's slapped again and again, so that he knows who's boss in his apartment. – It's fantastic how these two young Masterboys, who've just made their BMB debut in the two-parter 'Sixpack' subjugate their victim. The cameraman takes pride in producing loads of shots from the slaves's perspective . Perfect!!!
The Masters are really HOT, but I am just so tired of seeing this slave. Please find some younger and fitter slaves. More sneaker action would be good too.
Master Stompy knechtet mal wieder im wahrsten Sinne meisterhaft. Schön mit an zu sehen, wie er mit dem Slave "spielt" und für Ungehorsam bestraft. Er ist in jedem Fall der Dominantere der beiden Master und hoffentlich noch länger bei BMB zusehen. Die Slaveperspektive mit der Kamera ist absolut gelungen. Man fühlt sich, als würde man selbst dort liegen. Top!!! Sitting und facesitting wäre dabei absolut zu empfehlen.
Geile Typen etwas soft und keine Leder oder Alphajacke schade
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