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The Furniture Dealer


25:31 Min. Sneaks & Socks 40%, Humiliation with Spit, Sitting & Ponyplay 35%, Kicks & Slaps 25%

Taylor and Steven want to sell an antique cupboard. They waste no time in striking a deal with a furniture dealer. . 2500 Euro. They shake on it. But when a bit later on the dealer turns up in Taylor and Steven's home, he tries to talk down the value of the piece of furniture. He says the cupboard is worth no more than 1000 Euro . Taylor and Steve are really pissed off. Does this fat guy want to mess them about? The furniture dealer has drawn the short straw. Taylor and Steve have a sadistic streak and love to take control of losers like this shady furniture dealer. In no time at all, their 'guest' is overwhelmed, slapped about the chops and kicked. 'You're not going to get out of this one' says Master Taylor with a nasty grin on his face. The loser lies on the floor and a foot chokes the air out of him. The kicks and the blows really hurt. But things get even worse for the furniture dealer he the ads keep on gobbing into his mouth and when he has to lick up their spit from the floor or from Master Taylor's sweaty socks. . Ponyplay, Sitting – the two Masterboys love to degrade their victim. The guy has to lick their trainers clean and suck the damp stench out of their socks. The furniture dealer lies on the floor like a helpless worm. While his head is clamped between Master Taylor's godly feet, Master Steve bends over the loser and gobs right into his mouth. This clip was filmed on the road - in Munich. We're delighted that in Taylor and Steven we can present two new Masters. They really give of their all in their introductory clip. Look forward to a whole load of action and to hot camera perspectives.
Master Taylor braucht einen türkischen Fußsklaven wie mich :)
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