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Doing The Rounds Part 2


27:53 Min. Feet 60%, Socks 20%, Sitting 15%, Sneaks 5%

The story so far from Part 1. While he's doing his evening rounds, the caretaker discovers a young guy taking a nap in one of the cellars. He has no idea that he's dealing with Master Babyface, a real sadist. When the caretaker wakes the intruder up so that he can throw him out he really pisses Master Babyface off , which means that the young master gives the guy a good seeing to. As the second part begins, the caretaker is made to take off Master Babyface's shoes. The loser has to take the stinky shoes in his hands and lick the soles clean The young master is wearing some green and white socks which smell even worse than the shoes, The caretaker is told he has to lick the dirt from the socks while he massages Master Babyface's feet. Then the loser has to lie down with his back to the floor. Master Babyface sits down on the guy and forces his bare feet into his face:' Get on with it, smell and lick' The young master is in no hurry. He uses his victim's hunched up legs as a backrest This clip is an absolute must for fans of hot feet and socks action. The camera so so up with the action that you can imagine being able to smell the pungent stink from the Master's feet.

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