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The Punchbag


25:18 Min. Sneaks 30%, Socks & Feet 25%, Kicks & Slaps 25%, Humiliation & Spit 20%

Master Youngster and Master Price are real sadists who show no mercy. It's a whole different sort of boxing training as the two Masterboys let loose on their victim. As things move on, the slave isn't just tormented with fists, feet come into play as well. As the slave stays lying down on the floor, Master Youngster and Master Price kick him mercilessly. Once they've done their worst and their victim is hurting so bad that he hardly knows up from down, they sit down on the sofa and get their dirty trainers licked clean .While this is going on the loser gets kicked and spat on again and again. He also gets some meaty kicks in the side of the head. The two Masterboys are pissing themselves laughing at all this. They enjoy tormenting the slave and degrading him. They hawk up some snot. The loser has to swallow it all down. . Later on, the fat slave is allowed to breathe in the nasty stench from Master Youngster's socks and to take care of his tormentor's godly feet with his tongue. – Two really good looking young Masters in top form. The slave really has to suffer. For him, that's almost as bad as the punches and the kicks.

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