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Der Boss is in a bad mood


25:04 Min. Feet 30%, Humiliation with Spit & Ponyplay 25%, Slaps, Trampling & Kicks 20%, Sneaks & Socks 15%, Cigarette Torture 5%, Facesitting 5%

Master Gil runs a small business. A young unemployed guy is due to come to see him today to ask for a job. When Gil looks through the paperwork that the guy has brought with him, it puts him straight into a bad mood. The papers are messy and incomplete. Gil wastes no time in showing the unemployed loser what he thinks about him. He slaps him in the face, gobs into his mouth and gets him to lick his stylish Lacoste sneakers clean. 'It looks like that's all you're good for' mocks Gil. The Master warms to showing the loser his place and humiliating him. Trampling, kicks, blows, painful cigarette torture - sadist that he is, Gil loves tormenting the slave. The loser has to soak up the nasty smell from the steamy master socks and give his Master's bare feet some extensive attention with his tongue. While all this is going on, there's slaps from his Master's feet and loads of snot landing in his mouth. Ponyplay and facesitting are also part of the Master's repertoire of humiliations. – Master Gil gets a real buzz when slaves whimper in pain. In this really hot clip the victim has to serve as an ashtray and is tortured with a burning cigarette. There's also some really long chilled feet scenes.
Hot video Sexy Master!!!!!
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