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Dave, TNT and their filthy mutt


22:47 Min. Humiliation with Spit & Piss 25%, Trampling, Slaps & Hand-Crushing 25%, Sneaks 20%, Food-Crushing 15%, Facesitting 15%

"Hey, pal, why don't we get hold of your mutt?" TNT asks his mate Dave while they're hanging one evening. That rings a bell with Dave. "Good idea" He calls his two-legged mutt into the living room so that he and TNT can find some nasty ways to mess the piece of dirt up. Collar and lead are already laid out . In this clip nothing is held back for the mutt. He has to use his tongue to deal with his two tormentors' really nasty sneaks. But that's only for starters. The slave has to go through an unbelievable level of pain and humiliation. The two Masterboys torment him with vicious slaps to the face, with trampling, as well as with some really painful hand crushing. The humiliations are also something else. The lads tread out some chocolate biscuits. The slave has to lick up the crumbs from the floor or from the soles of their sneaks. The loser also has to take some extensive facesitting. And it goes without saying that the two lads dish out penty of thick Master snot to their victim. But there's still more to come. At the end of the clip, Master TNT drags the loser into the bathroom so that he can abuse him as his own personal toilet. The slave has to drink up loads of Master piss. – Once again in this clip, Master Dave and Master TNT, both of them new to BMB, are given the chance to show what potential they have. The camera is always right up with the action, including shots from the slave's perspective. So hot!!!
Master Dave ist einfach nur cool! Bitte um mehr Clips von ihm mit footworship und sock smelling. wo er den Slave seine Füsse ablecken laesst!
Master Dave ist mein Favorit! Die Glanznylon-Fetisch-Freunde kamen bei BMB bisher kaum auf ihre Kosten. Umso erfreulicher ist es, dass Master Dave diese geile Nike Glanznylon Jogginghose trägt um den Slave zu dominieren. Die facesitting-Szenen dürften ruhig noch etwas zahlreicher und ausdauernder sein. Die Slave-Perspektiven sind sehr gut gelungen. Perspektiven, die wohl so mancher Slave gerne öfters sehen würde! Gerne mehr von Master Dave in Glanznylon Jogginghose!
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