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Dancing in May


23:31 Min. Trampling, Kicks & Slaps 35%, Sneaks 25%, Humiliation & Spit 20%, Beatings with the Belt 10%, Socks 5%, Feet 5%

A different way to dance May in. The 'dancefloor' is slave Stephan, the 'dancers' are Master Aris and Master Moon. Stephan lies on the floor and you won't believe how much he's tormented as the two Masterlads dance on him and and give him a good kicking. Trampling is the name of the dance which is used to torment the loser. But there's more. Later on Master Aris and Master Moon whip the loser, and there's no shortage of slaps to the face. To start things off though the two Masterlads get their sneakers licked clean. While all this is going on the slave keeps being spat on. Stephan has to deal with some chewing gum that Master Moon has spat out. While the loser takes a bit of time out to wash himself in the bathroom, the two lads decide to take really nasty control over him. So that he can't fight back he's attached to a dog lead . – There's no way you've ever experienced May being danced in like this. The way that Master Aris and Master Moon take control over their victim and humiliate him is really hot. Savour the hot spit scenes captured from the slave's perspective. Watching on, you'll feel as if Aris and Moon are spitting straight into your own face. The two Masterlads' socks and bare feet also have to be seen to be believed! The camera is right up with the action!!!
Die beiden Master gehen echt forsch ans Werk, lassen dem Slave keine Zeit zu erholen. Ihre Tritte, Schläge, Trampling und verbale Erniedrigungen sind hammerhart ausgeführt. Sehr schön! Stefan ist wie immer derjenige, mit dem man solche Clips überhaupt drehen kann und erträgt die Qualen leidenschaftlich. Großes Lob an ihn. Er lässt wirklich alles mit sich machen. Einzig facesitting scheint ihm nicht zu taugen, sehr schade):, das würde alles komplettisieren. Auch wenn jüngere Slaves, am besten im Alter der Master, wohl sehr begehrt zu sehen wären.
this is Absolutely what been looking for!!! the dominant, cocky, confident type of young alpha is absolutely perfect; the way they humiliate the loser with no mercy and treat him like a piece of shit; the point of view of being humiliated are all faggot dream of. I could say this is the best after "six pack"
More hard face slaps from Master Moon in next video!
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