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Damaged Pipes


24:35 Min. Feet 30%, Trampling, Kicks & Slaps 25%, Humiliation with Spit & Ponyplay 25%, Sneaks 15%, Socks 5%

Just when the lads sharing a flat want to take a shower, a guy from the municipal works department rings the doorbell. There's been some damage to the pipes and so the water has to be turned off. The three Masterboys Buddy, Crown and Mike aren't amused. They decide to take the municipal works guy down a peg. The loser has no chance. Before he knows what's going on, the guy is overpowered and made to lick his three tormentors' sneakers clean. "Get your tongue out" "Go on, lick the soles" That's pretty much the form that the commands take. After a short time sampling the stink from their socks, the loser has to deal with the Masterlads' bare feet. "Take the foot right into your mouth" is what he's told. Hard trampling, kicks, slaps to the face, ponyplay und thick Mastersnot, spat right into the slave's wide open mouth, round the nasty games off. –Three young Masterboys in top form and hot angles from the slave's perspective. Order it and enjoy it straight away!!!

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