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Czech Power


25:17 Min. Sneaks 40%, Socks 20% Trampling & Slaps 20%, Humiliation & Spit 20%

Well fit, muscular tattoed, a real top guy - that's Master Pavel. This young masculine Master embodies fron head to toe the sort of power that make any slave know his place, That' sright, Czech Power . Now Master Pavel has found his way to BMB .In this two-parter, he makes it abundantly clear that slaves have really no claim on him. All the useless losers are good for is to please Master Pavel. In this first part, the dominator from the Czech Republic starts off by getting his stylish trainers licked clean. Then the slave is allowed to suck up the nasty smell from Master Pavel's socks - . they're pretty dirty. While all this is going on on the loser again and again cops some really hard slaps to the face, as well as some trampling which is damn painful for him. And there's no lack of humiliations. You don't need to be very bright to work out that this Czech chav loves to spit on his slave. – Once more, the camera is right up close with the action and there's some great views from the slave's perspective. Czech Power –bring it on home and experience Master Pavel in his first BMB Clip
There's nothing more to say than: HE IS THE ONE AND ONLY!!!!!!!!! Look at his phenomenal body, look at his masculine face, listen to his rough voice and you will fall on your knees and adore him like a REAL GOD!!!
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