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Cube Games - Teil 2


25:34 Min. Sneaks, Socks & Feet 35%, Kicks, Trampling, Blows with the Belt & Slaps 30%, Humiliation & Spit 25%, Breath Control 10%

This clip is absolutely not for anyone of a nervous disposition. You see the three young Masterboys get really excited as they torture and humiliate their slave. Helmut, the victim, keeps on again and again begging Master Luca, Master Pat and Master Pole to stop their torments. But his words fall on deaf ears. The three lads turn the session into a game. They throw dice to decide how their victim should be punished. Whoever throws a 1 can give Helmut a good slap,, when a 5 is thrown Helmut is throttled , when a 3 is thrown he gets a brutal kicking from the lads. In contrast , a 2 meaning that he has to swallow a Master's spit and a 4 , meaning that he has to lick shoes and feet and sniff socks, come almost as light relief. But God help him if Luca, Pat or Pole throw a 6. Then the punishments are twice as intense. 'Please not, please not' begs Helmut as the kicks, punches and beltings get ever harder. And it gets ever harder to swallow the vast quantities of Master snot. But the more their victim suffers, the more fun the three young sadists have . A word of warning , this is one of the hardest and most brutal BMB clips there has ever been . Master Luca, Master Pat and Master Pole reduce their victim to a whimpering mess. Really nasty!
Das sieht immer sooooooo GEIL aus, wenn MasterBoss Luca seine vergoldeten Masterfüße auf den Kopf/Hals des Slave stellt, oder Er es sich auf dem Rücken des Slave bequem macht.. - bitte mehr davon !! Würd' Ihm am liebsten 24/7 auf meinen Schultern tragen - Ihm als Sitzgelegenheit dienen ..und seinen einzigartigen Masterkäse lecken ohne ende...
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