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Clear up this shit


24:59 Min. Sneaks 35%, Trampling, Kicks, Slaps & Nipple Torture 35%, Socks 20%, Humiliation & Spit 10%

Master Hero is really pissed off. . His slave has just been out with the dog and forgot to clear away the dog mess. But what really gets the Master going is that today the slave is totally cheeky and shows no respect. It goes without saying that the Master isn't pleased about that. It's high time to show the slave who rules the roost in this house. The loser gets punished with a high level of brutality. While the slave is licking his Master's stylish trainers clean, the slaps to the face rain down . But that's just for starters. Apart from slaps to the face, ,kicks and trampling are also on Master Hero's torture menu. Particularly nasty. The slave has to do push ups and sit ups while his muscled Master is standing on him. :That all goes wrong of course, and that just leads to more punishment. .Later on, Hero sits down on the sofa. The slave has the job of sucking the stench out of his tormentor's trainers and socks.. While he's doing that there's a constant stream of slaps and kicks to the face, until his cheeks glow. His head is lying between his Master's feet . For Hero, that's an ideal position for him to be able to spit some thick snot into his slave's mouth, . Later Hero sits on the slave, slaps him and torments him with some nipple torture. Action which is hard as nails with a really good looking Master. . Hero is awesome!!
Thank you soooo much for adding diversity to the master profile. Master hero is the BEST!!! I would pay lots to session with him. More spit and he is golden!!! Where is his gourgous friends???
Wow, Master Hero is by far the hottest master I've seen on this site in a while. Loved the brutality, but this video would be perfect if Master Hero hawked more spit and snot into the disobedient slave's mouth. Any fluid from this God would be worth its weight in gold tbh! Would love to see more of this stud!!!
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