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24:48 Min. Feet 40%, Trampling, Kicks & (Feet-)Slaps 30%, Humiliation with Spit, Doggyplay & Licking Armpits 30%

When he makes a second attempt to get rid of Master Josch - aka 'Herr Müller - the hotel worker fails miserably.Stripped to the waist and with bare feet, the young Master is hanging around in his hotel room and has no plans to leave the comfortable place where he's holed up. What especially pleases Josch is that the hotel worker is a total douche bag. However nasty the mistreatment, there's no resistance at all . Hard trampling using his bare feet, kicks, slaps to the face - Master Josch pulls out all the stops. He enjoys having his feet and later his armpits licked. There is really no lack of humiliation. The hotel worker is degraded by being used as a doggy and has to fetch his tormentor's sneaks. If he's not quick enough, slaps are handed out. Slaps using the feet are especially painful. Master Josch is already on top of this type of humiliating torture. Without a care in the world, he towers over the hotel worker and spits into his face. Then there's another round of trampling. This time the Master uses his feet to give his victim's face a good kneading. - In this second part Master Josch really gets going. Whoever likes hot foot action gets real value for money. You've never before in BMB seen such brutal foot slaps. The camera is always right up with the action and shows Master Josch's hot tattooed body also from the slave's perspective., Awesome!!!
the video is good, but the master could do more. Aesthetically his feet are the best of BMB, cared for, clean .... perfect! I was hoping the slave would suck his toes more but it's ok. I don't really love tattoos ... anyway, great Master Josch! I hope to see his amazing bare feet again. :)
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