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Celebrating getting together again


24:51 Min. Feet & Sneaks 40%, Humiliation with Spit & Ponyplay 30%, Trampling 20%, Socks 10%

Gil is chuffed that after what seems like for ever he is finally getting a visit from his Bro Buddy. So there has to be a party. The two Masterboys are firmly of the view that things will really go with a swing if they bring along a helpless slave. Gil and Buddy really get a kick out of taking out all their pent up aggression on slave David. "I can't stand even looking at him" says Buddy, just as David is busy licking Gil's dirty pair of Nikes clean. The loser has to take extreme degradation and abuse. Gil and Buddy are real trampling Specialists. Both know just how to inflict nasty pain on a human foot mat. The slave also has to take being used as a pony to ride on. In the so called refreshment breaks, David has to suck in the raw stench from his tormentors' sneaks and socks and to tend their godly feet with his tongue. In the middle of all this, the slave gets thick snot spat on his face and direct into his mouth – At their reunion party, Master Gil and Master Buddy show absolutely no mercy as they deal with their victim. The sadistic delight they feel is written in their face. Enjoy really hot trampling and spit scenes shot from the slave's perspective!

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