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Blindman's Buff


28:09 Min. Humiliation with Spit, Living Ashtray, Licking Armpits & Pony Play 40%, Slaps, Kicks, Trampling and Lashes with the Belt 30%, Feet, Sneaks & Socks 30%

Blindman's Buff - a popular game at children's birthday parties. New to the BMB team, Master Luca wants to play Blindman's Buff with his slave. But for the poor loser it's a long way from a birthday celebration. His eyes are blindfolded and so the slave can't see how Master Luca (don't call me Master, don't call me Boss I'm your God, got it') is torturing and degrading him. In a session lasting thirty minutes on the button, the extremely sadistic and really goodlooking young Master touches all the bases. Licking trainers and feet, sucking the stench out of socks - that's just for starters. There is no let up in this clip on the torment and humiliation. Slaps ring otu for all to hear. Kicks and trampling. And then, after taking off his t shirt, Luca pulls the belt from his trousers. He wants to test how much pain the loser can take. You can see how the young Master gets a kick from giving the loser a good whipping. A good helping of thick snot is also spat into the slave's mouth. And it doesn't take Luca long to find out that the mouth is also perfect as an ashtray. The loser also gets a taste of the sweat from Luca's armpits. The highpoint comes at the end when the slave gets a shower from Luca's Master piss. Action from beginning to end , some super camera work enabling us also to see things from the slave's perspective, and a young Master who is guaranteed to drive every slave wild. This clip is an absolute must for every BMB fan
Ich würde so gerne auch dienen!!!!!
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