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Bitch of a traitor


24:36 Min. Feet & Socks 30%, Wax Torture 25%, Slaps & Kicks 20%, Humiliation & Spit 15%, Bondage 10%

Danny has had his name blackened among his neighbours by his landlord. No wonder that he doesn't think much of this traitorous cunt. When his neighbour dares to ring Danny's bell, the young Master has the chance to get his revenge on this traitor. The loser has no chance at all. . Danny pulls the T-shirt off his back, ties his hands up, gives him a few juicy slaps to the face and begins to torture the loser with hot wax. Soon the loser's torso is totally covered in red wax. At the same time, Master Danny torments his guest with some more slaps and kicks. He forces his stockinged feet into his face and has a laugh about the way in which his neighbour almost chokes on the stink. Later on the young Master brings his bare feet into play. He shoves them deep into his victim's mouth. Then Master Danny carries on with the wax torture. At the same time he forces his dirty socks into the loser's mouth. So nasty!. Apart from all this, the neighbour has to swallow huge quantities of Master snot. It's really awesome how the new BMB Master Danny punishes his traitorous neighbour. Loads of hot camera shots from the slave's perspective! When you're watching you feel as if you're right up with the action.
BadMasterBoss Danny ist ein MasterBoss, der allein erst mal nur für seine vergoldeten Füße sich 'nen Slave unterordnen sollte. Nen Slave, der sich mal so richtig um die Füße des Boss' kümmern würde, während der MasterBoss sich auf der Couch entspannt und es sich so richtig gut gehen lässt. Seine Füße könnten mal 'ne Fußpflege vertragen, wo sich der Slave mal so richtig Zeit für nehmen könnte, denn von der Hornhaut bis hin zu jedem einzelnen Zeh gäbe es jede menge für den Slave zu tun!! Super Typ und ein harter MasterBoss dessen Füße ich mich dennoch gern mal unterordnen würde.........
Master Danny is a handsome boss! Looking forward to see next videos.
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