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Berlin gangster with smell


24:40 Min. Feet, Sneaks & Socks 40%, Humiliation with Spit, Sitting/Facesitting & Ponyplay 40%, Trampling, Slaps & Kicks 20%

Whoever visits the German capital city can't miss the drink 'Berlin White with shots'. But today, our slave learns about a quite different speciality from the German metropolis - Berlin chav with his body odour. We're talking about the new BMB Master, Sky. In his sweaty jogging kit, he has just come home after taking a jog. There he comes across his slave. The fat so and so is lazing and chilling on the sofa. He needs some sort of sporting activity much more than the young, well-trained Master. Sky has some fun with the fat slave and starts off by getting his extremely dirty red sneaks licked clean. There's loads of dirt stuck to the shoes. The slave has to use his tongue to deal with it all. While he's doing that, the loser is spat on and hit again and again. The hard slaps to the face that that Master Sky doles out make you really feel like you're being hit by a weapon. And the socks which the young Master has already been wearing for four days? These nasty items should really have been sent to a special disposal unit to be dealt with. But now the slave is allowed to suck the stench out of the socks, taking deep whiffs. "I don't need a washing machine any more, I've got you, you slut" says Master Sky with a nasty grin on his face. Meanwhile in front of the BMB camera, he moves around with bare torso because it's so damn warm in the room. Trampling with sneaks, with socks and barefoot, blows, kicks, slaps with his feet, ponyplay, extensive sitting and facesitting – the Berlin chav enjoys tormenting and humiliating his victim . He forces his feet deep into his mouth and he enjoys watching the slut dealing with and swallowing down the dirt from between his toes. . Guten Appetit!!! – We made a special trip to Berlin so as to show you in a clip how chav Master Sky abuses his slut. Enjoy seeing a really good looking young Master, really hot action and great shots from the slave's perspective
I know him and meet often Benni in Berlin, I have lost him still search, he is the best master anytime! I miss him so much ! Your Manager
This is the hottest clip that I have seen from BMB. Really handsome and experienced Master who knows how to handle a slave. Well worth a trip to Berlin. I really do hope that we see more of this Master. He set's a new standard for BMB.
master sky is so sexy,hope that is my head
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