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Be quiet!


25:08 Min. Feet 40%, Humiliation with Spit, Sitting & Facesitting 35%, Trampling, Kicks & Slaps 25%

It's already late at night. Master Buddy's brother went to bed ages ago. So that his sleep isn't disturbed, Master Buddy and Master Crowne tell their slave not to speak so loud. But the stupid loser pays no attention and keeps on talking way too loud. It's his own fault. He's earned some punishment. Slaps to the face that really ring out, kicks, trampling – the two Masterlads really warm to getting their victim under their control. There's also no lack of humiliations "Come on, open up your mouth!" is the constant refrain. Followed seconds later by a thick helping of snot landing in the slave's mouth. Things get even more humiliating for the slave when he has to lick up the snot from the glass table and even from the floor. The slave also has to put up with being used as a piece of furniture to sit on. Without a care in the world, the lads sit on him and force their feet into his face, And of course there's no lace of facesitting."Come on take a good sniff!" – What hot punishment! What hot humiliations! Master Buddy and Master Crown are the genuine article!
OMG! Master Crowne is handsome, a truly alpha master. I love how he puts his arms behind the head. I also love how he spit! Please more videos with Master Cromne! I just think this slave should put the whole tongue out when he licks feet or spit!
Master Buddy is a real surprise! He has beautiful and groomed feet. He has no mercy for the slave, he is a great man. 4 stars just for him.
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