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Badmasterboys TV


25:59 Min. Sneaks & Socks 40%, Slaps, Kicks & Beats with the Belt 30%, Humiliation with Spit, Ponyplay & Cigarette Torture 30%

Master Whip and his younger brother Master Dragon (debut on BMB) are playing BadmasterboysTV.  For the Master duo it's all just a game, but for slave Helmut it's all too serious.  The guy is tormented and humiliated so much  in this clip that be begs for mercy. 'Please don't hit me again' he whimpers as the brothers slap him,  kick him and beat him with a belt. Master Whip lives up to his name and pounds Helmut's bare arse with his belt. The damn good looking Master Dragon has nothing to learn from his older brother when it comes to sadism.  But you can see that he enjoys tormenting and humiliating the loser, for example with his ponyplay.  Master Dragon spits on the slave again and again and gobs direct into his mouth.  Quite apart from all that, Helmut has to serve as an ashtray and is tortured by Master Whip with a burning cigarette.  Dirty trainers and steaming work socks also play an important role  in this really hot clip. These two Master brothers are really awesome.  Shen even so experienced a slave as Helmut begs for mercy, it really shows how hard things get in this clip.
..und ich für seinen Bros MasterBoss DRAGON.... - ich vergöttere diesen BOSS.....vor allem seine megastarken SCHENKEL !!!!!!!!!!!!
ich würde alles für den mit dem roten basecap geben
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