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Backstage in Berlin Part 2


27:43 Min. Feet 40%, Humiliation with Spit, Human Ashtray, Ponyplay & Licking Armpits 35%, Kicks, Slaps & Trampling 25%

SNEAXTASTIC 2017 – now we're into the second round. What BMB First Master Yaro and Master Shadow pull off at the Fetish-Party at the 'Bad Lads'in Berlin is really hot. Master Yaro and Master Shadow are served in every way imaginable. They drink beer and smoke while their victims lick their feet. The Slaves are slapped on the face and kicked, have to swallow huge quantities of spit and serve as an ashtray, are used by Master Yaro as a pony to ride on and Master Shadow enjoys getting one of them to lick his armpits . The Masters especially get a kick out of sitting on their slaves so that they can really degrade them. The two BMB chavs look hard as nails in their outfits. Most of the time they operate with bare torsos. Wow, makes you really melt to look at them.We can't reveal the whole story here. See it for yourself! – So much hot action for so little money. Both parts of 'Backstage in Berlin' are an absolute must for every BMB fan.

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