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All Good Things come in threes ( Part 1 )


25:58 Min. Sneaks 35%, Humiliation with Spit & Ponyplay 35%, Kicks & Slaps 25%, Sitting 5%

Soldro and Phil, already known to us from the clip 'Total Retard', are getting more and more of a kick out of degrading their victim. This time they take slave Helmut in hand. They've only just begun with their humiliation and torture session when their mate Liam turns up. All good things - no, Masters! - come in threes! The three lads are feeling particularly brutal today. They torment their victim with slaps and kicks. So that Helmut feels this even more intensively, poppers are held under his nose. But Helmut doesn't just have to put up with pain. The most extreme form of humiliation is on the menu as well - be it as cushion to sit on, be it as puppy for his Masters to play with. And all the time his tongue has to deal with his tormentors' trainers. He is continually spat on and has to swallow down unbelievable quantities of snot. Young Master Liam makes a huge noise as he hawks up some snot and empties it directly into Helmut's mouth. Even that's not enough. The young Master empties the contents of his nose over Helmut's face and into his mouth. Really nasty!!! Trainers,,kicks, slaps,the worst humiliation imaginable and three highly motivated Masterboys - these are the ingredients for a clip which is guaranteed to excite you. Start looking forward to Part 2 with hot feet and socks action and just as much humiliation

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