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After playing Sport


24:37 Min. Feet & Socks 45%, Humiliation with Spit & Ponyplay 40%, Slaps 15%

Master Reno comes back home from playing sport. His young slave is waiting for him, all ready to massage his feet. While the slave takes care of his Master's sweaty feet with his tongue, Reno gives two of his mates a ring: "My slave's here. Do you fancy coming round?" Stupid question! Five minutes later, there they are at the front door. Now the loser has to deal with three pairs of Masterfeet. Enjoy!!!. But the lads don't just rest easy with having a tongue give them some exclusive pedicures. They want to give full rein to their sadistic tendencies. They enjoy giving their victim a slap or using him as a pony to ride on. They also keep on gobbing into his mouth. What's more, the loser has to give their sweaty armpits a good licking. And the Masterboys expect a thank you for each and every humiliation . - Only in BMB do you get such nasty humiliation. The scene where the loser's head lies between Master Reno's feet and his mouth gets gobbed into is just too hot for words. … Awesome!
I would love a single clip with Master Reno with shoes, smelly socks, feet, armpits, spit and piss. GREAT Master!
Mit Abstand der beste slave EVER!
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