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Picked up and abused


38:35 Min. Humiliation with Spit, Piss, Human Ashtray & Doggyplay 40%, Sneaks 25%, Socks & Feet, 20%, Kicks & Lashes 15%

Picked up and abused, part 1 Humiliation with Spit, Piss, Human Ashtray & Doggyplay 40%, Sneaks 25%, Socks & Feet, 20%, Kicks & Lashes 15% 38:35 Minutes It is weekend which normally means time for party or relaxing,. But if you are slave like Helmut, these privileges are not applied. He has to visit his Master Joda instead. The young man picks him up at the station and walks with him to a nearby allotment. Surprisingly they are not alone, 3 of Joda‘s buddies await him there. Luke, Chuck and Boss are really looking forward to treat a slave like some piece of shit. The four sadistic boys are mainly up for one thing, they want to humiliate Helmut. They really want to find out how far they can go in terms of doing nasty and dirty stuff. And to be honest: Helmut won‘t forget this afternoon that quickly, this is going to be extreme! They start slowly. Helmut has to lick their dirty sneakers - nothing special for a slave. But soon this session turns into a nightmare. Helmut has to do things, which are far beyond normal Not only does he have to lick sweaty and wet socks, he even is forced to chew up socks drenched in piss! He gets constantly spat on and has to swallow plenty of yellow and thick snot. The Masters‘ feet are showed deeply into his gob and he has to clean the patio floor! No, not with a broom - a slave has a tongue for that! So Helmut licks the dirty patio floor full of piss, spit and some fir needles. Mercilessly he gets used as a living ashtray and he is even maltreated by some harsh trampling and gets beaten with a riding crop when he is lying on the ground. Worst of all - those boys seem to have a lot of fun, abusing this weak faggot. Finally again a very cruel and dirty clip: Nothing for the faint hearted!
Slave Helmut hat ja mit der Zeit die meisten BadMasterBoys nun schon erleben dürfen. Aber WER von den BadMasterBoys ist nun eigentlich Helmut's Nr. 1 und WARUM (?) ..und welcher Fußkäse ( Geruch & Geschmack ) der BadMasterBoys ist aus seiner Sicht die Nr. 1 ????? Super Clip übrigens - ich vergöttere EURE vergoldeten Füße...
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