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Stony Broke


29:27 Min. Socks & Feet 40%, Humiliation with Spit & Piss 30%, Kicks & Slaps 20%, Sneaks 10%

Master Joda and Master Lick are absolutely stony broke. They've been gambling and they've lost every last penny. Necessity is the mother of invention and so the two lads come up with the idea of paying Helmut a visit. They want to beat a bit of money out of the loser. Besides, they're really up for tormenting and humiliating Helmut. That means that it's not long before they forget how angry they were about the dosh they've lost. Helmut has no chance of standing up for himself against the two Masterboys. His two visitors waste no time in making it clear who is cock of the walk. Licking dirty trainers clean, sucking the cheesy stink from the two Masters' socks - Helmut could get used to living like this. But the continuous slaps and kicks really wear him down. He is also continuously spat on. Thick snot is hawked up and lands straight into his mouth. Nasty. Even worse is the sock torture. One by one four dirty stinking socks are brutally forced into their victim's mouth. Helmut is on the point of throwing up. Sweaty socks in his mouth, his Masters' feet on his nose. - that's really playing it rough. But there's more, then he's showered down with piss. Will Mater Joda's and Mater Lick's torture games be successful in extorting a few readies from Helmut. See for yourself!

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