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A piece of shit


25:33 Min. Sneaks, Socks & Feet 40%, Wax & Cigarette Torture, 30%, Slaps & Beating 15%, Humiliation & Spit 15%

A lovely summer's day. Master Dway and Master Cody want to chill in their garden. Stupidly, their slave Harry has neglected working in the garden for the last few days, so much so that he has earned some punishment. . It's covered in weeds and undergrowth. .The two Masters are really pissed off.. They agree that Harry has earned a really nasty working over. . The loser has to suffer! Master Dway tear's the slave's T-shirt off his back. He gets some slaps to the face. The Masterboys also beat Harry with a riding crop and a stick. As this goes on he keeps on being spat on, sometimes with thick snot gobbed right into his mouth Master Dway and Master Cody take sadistic delight in carrying on their outdoors torture action. .They torment their victim with hot candle wax - and Master Dway stubs out his cigarette on their victim's back. But there's also no lack of hot scenes with dirty feet, steamy socks and sweaty feet. – Master Dway and Master Cody show their victim absolutely no mercy. Some scenes are not for the weak of heart!. A clip which is really hard!!!
The clip can be greatly improved if the masters can 1). ride on the slave's shoulders while slapping his face 2). sitting on his fat face for 5 min until his face turns red 3). let the slave crawl under their crotch several times like a dog
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