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A morning in germany - again online


43:17 Min. Humiliation, Living Astray, Cigarette Torture, Bogeys, Spit & Piss 60%, Socks 15%, Feet 15%, Sneaks 10%

Every evening before going to bed, the Master uses a rope to bind his slave's head to his right ankle. The rope is so short that his foot is permanently in Helmut's face. In addition, the loser has to spend the whole night breathing through a stinky sock which is stuck to his nose. After the alarm rings, the Master lights up a cigarette and smokes it in bed. His slave licks the sweat from his feet and the dirt from in between his toes. Helmut has to keep his mouth wide open so that Master Nyze can gob into it and flick his ash into it. When the cigarette is almost finished, the young Master gobs on the loser's forehead and shows no mercy as he stubs his cigarette out on it. Helmut whimpers in pain. In this almost 45 minute clip, the slave is continuously abused and degraded in the most extreme of ways. Master Nyze, almost naked in his boxers, hates mornings and takes out his bad mood in his victim – in the bathroom, where he cleans his teeth and the slave has to clean out the basin, and later in the kitcehn, where the Master enjoys his morning coffee while the slave has to make do with a glass of Master snot Later on in the living roon Helmut is turned into a living vacuum cleaner. The Master presses the back of his right foot into the back of his slave's head, uses tape to fix it to his foot and pushes his face backwards and forwards along the floor. The living vacuum cleaner doesn't just lick up dirt, but also his Master's snot.... Next up for the slave is to help his Master get dressed. The socks are socks that the Master has already been wearing for several days. The slave has been given a daily whiff of them as they grow riper and riper You'll hardly believe how much humiliation the victim in this clip has to take. Master Nyze drills into his nostril, picks out a fat bogie, holds it in front of the camera and says curtly to his slave: 'Open up your mouth! Get that ate! Now Master Nyze really needs to take a piss. He kicks the loser brutally in the direction of the loo. Helmut has a good idea what he has to swallow down...

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