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A laughing number


24:09 Min. Trampling, Kicks, Crushing & Slaps 40%, Sneaks 30%, Humiliation with Spit & Ponyplay 30%

Stephan is the new cleaning slave for Master Chio and Master M.A.. The two Masterboys sit on the sofa and enjoy watching their Bimbo really humiliate himself as he performs his tasks. . So for example Stephan has to use his tongue to clean the stairs area. Later on the slave is allowed to use his tongue to deal with his tormentors' dirty trainers. The two lads really get a buzz from tortuting and humiliating their victim. They give a whole new meaning to the concept of humiliation. . The way that they jump up and down on Stephan, the way they torment him with some nasty crushing and the way that they give him a good kicking is really top quality. The loser gets his arse kicked while he has to lick the other Master's trainers clean. The lads use their slave as a pony to ride on. .The poor pony almost breaks down because of the kicks and the slaps to the face that he has to take. And the way the slave gets humiliated needs stong nerves to watch. . Stephan has to swallow down huge quantities of spit and also take being used as a spit-target for Master Chio und Master M "If you hit his nostrils then you'll get ten euros" is the bet that Master M.A. suggests Then right at the end it gets really brutal. The two Masterboys make their victim defend himself. But of course Stephan stands no chance. Master M.A. beats him with a chain as he lies on the floor . What a fine debut clip for Masterboys Chio and M.A. The two lads seem to have been waiting for their chance to be allowed to work a victim over. . There was really supposed to have been a second clip on the same day with Stephan. But after 'having a laugh' was in the can, Stephan was so done over that he couldn't even think of taking part in a second clip. Order it straight away!!!.
..fehlt nur noch von den beiden MasterGöttern die Markierung "sprich ordentlich angepisst zu werden", damit der Slave auch immer weiß wo er hingehört !!! Euch Masterbossen würd' ich nicht nur eure megaleckeren Füße, sondern auch euren Arsch ausschnüffeln und lecken ..bis Ihr den Abgang eures Lebens hättet !!!! Würd' euch am liebsten auf meinem Rücken stehen haben. Ein Fuß auf dem Rücken, den anderen auf dem Hals/Kopf - die MasterBoss-Pose schlechthin.., denn der KING muss immer im Vordergrund stehen.. Und jetzt gebt mir links und rechts ne Watsche bis ich Euch verehre. Thx KINGS......
Definitely an amazing debut in this clip by Master M.A and Master Chio! Both Masters look sweet and innocent but they are anything but as they totally punish their slave with some of the best slapping, kicking, trampling and crushing action seen on BMB. Also loved Master M.A taking off his chain to whip their slave after they were being an uncooperative pony!
Take two young guys and give them a fag. Tell them they can have fun with the fag with no limitations - and the guys turn into ruthless, sadistic bullies! Particularly the young gentleman with the Nike shirt really enjoys his power over the fag. Let´s hope that he returns soon, hopefully also taking his shoes and shirt off!
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