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A great Comeback for Master Otis, Part 1


24:26 Min. Feet, Socks & Sneaks 30%, Slaps, Kicks, Trampling, Lashes with the Belt & Nipple Torture 30%, Humiliation with Spit, Licking Armpits & Ponyplay 30%, Sitting 10%

A slave gets in touch with Master Yaro. He asks the BMB boss to sort him out with a master for a session, preferably a session which is fairly chilled and not too nasty, he adds. Master Yaro smiles to himself."You'll get what you deserve" he says. Barely ten minutes later Master Otis turns up . And it only takes a few seconds before it becomes clear that this session will be far from chilled. Quite the opposite. Master Otis gets straight down to business. He sits himself down on the slave, slaps him on the face and spits on him. It's all really brutal and with no consideration for the loser. Kicks, trampling, being beaten with a belt, intense slaps to the face, nipple torture - it's all a long way from being 'chilled and not too nasty'. But things also don't turn out so bad for the slave. He's allowed to lick his Master's sneaks and trainers clean, and to suck in the earthy stench from his Master's socks and then later from his armpits. But then it's back to Mr. Brutalo. Master Otis brutally shoves one of his feet deep into his victim's mouth. The slave also has to serve as a pony to ride on. – It's two and a half years since Otis made two or three appearances with BMB. Even then he made the customers sit up and take notice. Now he's back. He has matured and shows in this clip what a finely honed body he has. So awesome! And he's forgotten nothing when it comes to dominating slaves. Begin already to look forward to the second part.
Master Otis hat sich in diesem Clip hier echt selbst übertroffen! Ich erinnere mich noch an sein Debut von vor 2 Jahren, schon damals war er als Neuling ziemlich gut, aber seine unglaublich sadistische Art hier in diesem Clip ist hervorragend! Da könnten sich viele andere Masters von euch etwas abgucken! Schade, dass nicht so viele Trampling-Aktivitäten vorkamen. Macht auf jeden Fall sehr viel mehr Videos mit ihm!!
Master Otis hat sich im Vergleich zu seinem Debut "Otis' first time" unglaublich positiv verändert! Dieser Sadismus, den er hier austrahlt, einfach mega gut! So sollten alle Master sein. Bitte macht noch viel mehr Videos mit ihm!! Der hat's übel drauf!!
Otis is one of the few masters who can pull off being both menacing&dominant and cute&friendly at the same time. He is the ultimate alpha. Please make him have a session with your younger slave! And harder slaps, more pissing/facesitting please!
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