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A black day for Helmut


27:48 Min. Sneaks 35%, Feet 25%, Beatings with the Belt 25%, Humiliation & Spit 15%

Master Kelvin has invited two mates round to his house – Proud and Byron. The two black Masterboys enjoy teaming up with Kelvin to sort slave Helmut out.. They want to see the loser really suffer. There's not a moment's pause as they beat away with belts and riding crops. Helmut whimpers in pain and begs, "No more, please!" But of course there's no reaction to Helmut's begging from the brutal trio of Masters. The three lads get a kick from seeing their victim suffer. And they also enjoy having their dirty shoes licked clean. Later on the slave is also allowed to use his tongue to take care of the three Masterboys' bare feet. But there's no possibility for Helmut to enjoy doing this. because the lads don't stop beating him. In the middle of all this. the slave gets a load of Master Kelvin's thick snot spat into his mouth. , – This clip is an absolute must for anyone who enjoys seeing merciless black Masters at work. Slave Helmut really has to suffer in this clip .
Hope to see Master Proud and Byron in more clips. They are merciless. I like when they spit on him.
H-A-M-M-A-G-E-I-L !!!! Da kann man Helmut nur beneiden.. - da würd' ich auch gern Sox sniffen, Zehe lutschen & Fußsohlen lecken.. Lecker ohne ende ..das sind alleine schon Kelvins Füße.........Jap.............
The Masters aren't creative in this video, the action is monotonous. The new one with the white jacket is shy and seems to be wondering what he's doing there, it makes me feel uncomfortable. Hope to see new bullies in the next weeks
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